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Flimple Snobble Schnomp

Flimple Snobble Schnomp

My name is flimple snobble schnomp, im terribly pleased to crobble chomp. My flokk and frange is orange tanged and flumple goes my lobble tomp.

Twas wednesday when i learned to chunk, the slippery mump and dinkle dunk. I fell on toads and god forbodes my knee is bumple chimple sunk.

Oh froday primple twas my friend, he drobe me up and round the bend. His chinkle slump was a large old hump and found me sad though i attend.

Ode to my dad, such a good lad, he frunkled me with glee.
But sling did boo with joobie joo and crunkled me silly

You’ll Come Home To Me / Gibberish Poem

You’ll Come Home To Me / Gibberish Poem

I’m your Jiggily Jiggily Joo and you’re my Jiggily Jee.

I am floating on the Taff and you are on the sea.

Though frightful winds blow us about we’ll save the Royal Brie.

One day soon,

Via hairy baboon,

You’ll come home to me.


Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan

The Well-Tempered Entomologist | Series of Poems

The Well-Tempered Entomologist | Series of Poems


Ladybird O Ladybird,

You are somewhat quite absurd,

The way you look we all agree,

You’re neither bird nor a lady.

Completely different than a lady, or a bird


‘The Well-Tempered Entomologist’ is a cycle of twelve songs. Each song is a musical description of a different kind of insect. The songs are miniatures that last around one minute: short, sweet and to the point. The text is inspired by the poetry of Roald Dahl and Spike Milligan and the concept by Bach’s ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ from which the piece gains its title. Each song is in each of the twelve keys of the Chromatic scale (like Bach’s 48’) gradually ending back where it began. These songs were written to inspire children to write their own versions in a workshop situation. The descriptions that the poems give are not by any means watered down, they are sharp and exact; showing people that our thoughts of what stereotypical insects may be are completely warped by what our teachers told us at school.

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On Train | Gibberish Poem

On Train | Gibberish Poem

Nearly there,

Bottom bare,

How they stare,


My skin is fair, soft auburn hair…


Off you go…

Off I go…

Never to ride again…

…forever more.


Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan

Kappa by a Tree | Gibberish Poem

Kappa by a Tree | Gibberish Poem

Ka-ma-ree, few chips for me!

Kappa by a Tree, he’s o’ so thirsty!

Give him coke to drink, he runs back to the forest.

He picked up some flowers, ties them up and forms a florist.


Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan

Nautical Jim | Gibberish Poem

Nautical Jim | Gibberish Poem

There once was a man called Nautical Jim.

He’d dive underground, as he says: “On a whim.”

Though once it got colder,

and he hurt his shoulder,

he thanks god he is only a Sim.


Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan

On the Ocean | Gibberish Poem

On the Ocean | Gibberish Poem

(Gibberish Poem)

On the Ocean

Choo ma ree, Coot ma free,

I am floating on the ocean.

Leb McBrie, Chenkle me,

I am sick from motion.


My friends have all left me,

I am alone;




The sun beats down on my hairy feet and I eat a sandwich.


Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan