Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan

Who on the earth are you?

Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan is the author of all content at Some Scary Stories, which is his outlet for all things weird and wonderful. Day to day Benjamin is a family man, a regular job and a chirpy attitude towards life. In actual fact, his hidden interests are more towards the bizarre, macabre and downright peculiar.

As a writer, Benjamin has had experience as a librettist and playwright and has written two full novels. One of which is being pushed toward the publishing process currently.

The writing style adopted is almost through-composed and usually written in a semi-trance-like state. This enables a freedom within the prose which one does not usually get within static, heavily planned text. Occasionally an overarching planned idea or moral purpose for the characters will be thought out prior to writing but only as a guide for general direction as the plot grows and spreads voraciously where it pleases.

If any offence is taken by what is read within the text, please be aware that no offence is meant and the words hold no opinion of Benjamin himself. Most of the content is not meant to be viewed by children so with that in mind please use your own discretion when reading. As a notice, all text is copyrighted under UK law and must not be reproduced in any context unless prior consent be given by the author.

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Benjamin Aranjelovic-Vaughan