Some Scary Stories

Beginning in late 2015, Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan started to collaborate his skills in music and art to begin a new venture in literature. Though poetry and short works have been a defining part of Benjamin's creative development, it was during this time that he decided to attempt writing his first novel (The House Shook Gently) and pursue a potential future career in writing.

This website aims to be an outlet for anything and everything of interest, whether that be gibberish poetry or blood-curdling campfire stories. Totally opposite to his normal, chirpy and rather unassuming character, Benjamin tends to allow his writing almost to possess him; creating weird and spine-chilling prose.

The website will eventually be filled with:

  • Long Stories - anything up to novel size usually divided up into chapters, usually scary, there will not be warnings. Also, for larger works, sample chapters will be provided and the full work will be available on request
  • Short Stories - able to be read in one session, usually the size and feel of a creepypasta.
  • Poetry - Not necessarily scary but always written on-the-fly and very usually a bit strange. Very little editing goes into these to enable the purity of the language.

If there are any comments to be made or if you have any content suggestions please comment on YouTube, @SomeScaryStory on twitter or email somescarystories@gmail.com

If there are any particular direction you would like a story to take or have any suggestions for characterization please leave a comment as community growth of these stories will be paramount to the success of this channel and website. 

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See you next time when there will be another tale to tell,

Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan