Flimple Snobble Schnomp

Flimple Snobble Schnomp

My name is flimple snobble schnomp, im terribly pleased to crobble chomp. My flokk and frange is orange tanged and flumple goes my lobble tomp.

Twas wednesday when i learned to chunk, the slippery mump and dinkle dunk. I fell on toads and god forbodes my knee is bumple chimple sunk.

Oh froday primple twas my friend, he drobe me up and round the bend. His chinkle slump was a large old hump and found me sad though i attend.

Ode to my dad, such a good lad, he frunkled me with glee.
But sling did boo with joobie joo and crunkled me silly

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