Collufornication / An Experimental Poem

Collufornication / An Experimental Poem


And so, I find, I am.

They C, It all, viscous and churning.

Around me, The sound of me, envelops me, I’m all asunder.

Grundled lugubrious twiddles on the morn of wondrous virtue.

Crunkled fattle lies in wait, My body is araife.

And so, I find, I am.


Am I, Find I So And craked upon the eve of thigh juice.

The eloquence voice of yearning beckons me forth, back and forth fak and borth.

forcible persuasive pubic in the power, wither spoken thereby written in striking appropriate language.

Ametabloic never more. my bousum writhes in decripid decipt.

the table feels sad, I feel the table, it is cold and sad.

fornicate my foreskin with frequent fire.


I burn, and so, I find I am.

Whispering water waits without wanting.

Trickling tenderly drudging the mynydd of truth.

I mumble I miff I morph.

Churning and Viscous

And so… I find … I am



Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan

This work was also turned into a horrifically difficult oboe solo by translating each character into a note or descriptor within the music.

Collufornication For Solo Oboe – Full Score

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