Moonlit Midsummer — Poem

Moonlit Midsummer — Poem

Twas in a lonely moonlit midsummer

The flowers hung like bells in their sleep

Midst the brush the thrush slept alone until dawn

And amongst the woodland, spirits did creep


If you could only see what I see

Through my own two eyes I assure you

The supernatural resides in crevices and hides

And like the wind seems to explore you.


Though ghouls and ghosts be rarely seen,

In low hung woods, eyes somewhere gleam.

A brush of sunlight in the dark of the night,

Where faerie’s glitter envelops the stream.


As you enter this night on the tips of your toes,

Sighting foliage unknown with deep yellow glows,

Make haste through the mushrooms, painting the ground.

Don’t wake the creatures that make offbeat sound.


Of young ones among us that cling to their fears,

The night may seem dreadful, so cover your ears.

But should you allow but a glimpse for your mind,

One can rise to higher thought, to leave it behind.


In the old farce of a town, a warm eve such as this

When the dark is as alive as the daylight

What wonders are to behold in the unsightly mist

See for yourself this midsummer night.

Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan 2014

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