I Awoke | Chapter 1.1 — Silent Night

I Awoke | Chapter 1.1 — Silent Night

I Awoke

by Benjamin Arandjelovic-Vaughan

This idea began as a short story but has now become a through composed novel. Chapters will be released periodically and is still being written. You can read this yourself or have TripleS read this to you in the YouTube video below. Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy the tale.

Chapter 1 – The Silent Night


1.1 – Silent Night

I awoke, felt the condensation on my bedpost and turned to the empty side of my bed in dismay. This really wasn't the situation that a 20 year old should be in. I mean, there was never a moment, which I regretted but something just didn't seem to be working for me. Life just didn't seem to happen in the way that everyone else does. They have it so easy, just one glance from across the room and they are practically married. Life just didn't come for me. I mean, I know I am still rather young with many mistakes to make and many hardships to be felt but surely to feel that you are going somewhere and mean something life has to give you that helping hand, that helping push in the right direction.


I sat up and sighed as usual. The computer monitor was still flashing on, my programme still running and downloading some usual illegal software. "It seems to be picking up some pretty crazy things,” I thought as I squinted my eyes looking for my slippers in the near dark of the morning. "Coffee then tea, maybe some toast" I spoke out loud, quite rhythmically as if someone would hear me saying something profound and knowledgeable. Pause; there was nobody, not a soul. The computer bleeps to signal completion but I ecstatically accept that as acceptance of my very being. "Thanks computer. At least I can count on you for a bit of love in this fucking harsh reality where each person goes about their lives as if I don't matter. I mean fucking hell, why can't I just be alone as I usually am and go about my life without these fuckers fucking up my world." I soon move towards the door and as I open it, fall straight back to sleep.


A ringing starts much like a peaceful hum but soon turns into an annoying murmur, much like a bee buzzing it's pointlessness in my ear. It grew and grew until strangely the blackness of sleep began to shake apart like a dog ripping a teddy bear limb from limb, This was no ordinary dream. I forced myself to wake but could not. I could only focus on this overwhelming sine wave that penetrated my very core…




I awoke, felt the condensation on my bedpost and turned to the empty side of my bed in dismay. This really wasn't the situation that a 20 year old should be in. I mean, there was never a moment, which I regretted but something just didn't seem to be working for me. Life just didn't seem to happen in the way that everyone else does. deja vu , I mean massive deja vu. FUCK, I really need to get out more and stop smoking weed. I searched for my slippers but found them straight away in the light of day and headed to the door. The computer was flickering blue, something had over looped my programme and crashed the computer, go figure, "a night of fucking debugging for me". After proceeding downstairs, having my coffee, tea and only then toast I proceeded to debug until dark. It was a rather productive day in some respects, it seemed to me that there was a formidable sense peace that washed over the whole of the world outside that I had not heard before. Well, not heard…literally not heard.


I looked outside to spy any possible commotion, the streetlight flickered as usual and the bins were out, as usual but hadn’t been collected. Maybe I should check that with the council tomorrow. Lots of cars parked up and one that seems to be parked awkwardly in the middle of the road. I don't understand why but it must have been those bastards from no 16 with a bloody huge family, making massive parties a must most weekends. Fuckers. Left their headlights on as well, stupid cunts. Well that will teach them a lesson or two and get them back for all the pain and anguish caused. Fuckers.


I returned to my code and still was completely flummoxed to what could have possibly caused a crash, various port scans concluded that no irregular functions were presenting themselves, no virus then what? I eventually put it down to possibly overheating the motherboard, “better get that checked out” I whispered due to the fact that even in this blissful silence I felt that I would be found out if I spoke too loud.


After much more code, a few rounds of a game and a cheeky flick through a couple of porn sites I managed to find myself back in bed, waiting for the sound of cars, teenagers and occasional horns to send me to sleep. After about 15 minutes more of bountiful stillness I started to grow partially concerned, partially. I mean, great, people are quiet but I have not heard a single car pass.


“Is there a big event going on I didn’t know about or something?”


“Fuckin’ dicks not inviting me.”


Waiting 20 minutes more the concern grew, grew to the point where it almost seemed impossible that there would be no noise at all, not even a bird or dog barking and tweeting. Like, what was going on?


Putting back on the clothes I threw on the floor I decided to go and just have a better look outside. On the way out I grabbed the ‘Guide to Surviving a Zombie attack 101” almost as a small joke to myself. Stepping foot outside was eerie; definitely something was up. All the streetlights were flickering and I was instantly teleported inside my head into every horror flick of recent days; I therefore clutched onto my guide that seemed to be more reasonable and less of a joke entirely.


I bravely entered the street where nobody stood. Seeing as the street was long one would expect a single soul to be residing somewhere. After a few steps, the closest bus stop came into view and a man hunched into his newspaper sat probably waiting for the last bus of the day. A sigh of relief came over me at that very moment, the rapture did not happen, I should not have to regret the copious amounts of porn I digested earlier. Walking casually over to the man it was decided that I should ask at least if there was some sort of event/accident in the town centre that I should be wary of.


“He really is into the Metro,” I thought as I saw his face practically snogging the crossword as I neared. “These fucking city folk and their fucking crosswords. How can anyone actually be interested in the metro? As I walked nearer I noticed something that made me laugh uncontrollably; I probably was releasing all that suppressed anxiety from earlier on when I noticed it but the guy was asleep, he may have even missed his bus, stupid doper.


“Mate, mate, I think you missed your…bus.” I tried to speak without giggling too much, I moved closer and gave his shoulder a friendly shake. “Could you tell me what’s going on around here? I mean, have I missed the fireworks display again?” No answer, that's odd. I proceeded to shake him violently. “Oh my god mate are you alright, wake up, are you on fucking drugs or something?” The droop of his mouth and his forward facing eyes struck fear like lightning through my body right down to the ground, it stuck me there. I was fucking frozen like that bastard Elsa, I couldn’t move. The guy could be dead or dying and I couldn’t do a bloody thing about it. Forcing myself out of the way as his potential corpse flopped to the ground I bravely turned him onto his side, just like the first aid course told me to just encase he was sick and chocked on his own vomit; I thought to myself “that was the least of his worries to be honest.” I ran, down the street screaming for help, if not already this man could be dead very soon. I attempted to fumble with my phone to dial the police but the fucking reception in this street was shocking. The nearest door was slightly off the street, vaulting the fence and not noticing the dead dog that lie up against it. The door was open and without regard for privacy and more focussed on urgency I burst on through Spurting out. “Sorry but there’s a fuckin’, well fuckin’ metro, metro bastard city, crossword he was, missed the bus, fuckin’ phone, house phone, please?” But nobody came or replied. “Typical, left their door unlocked and went out.” I thought as I totally missed the sight of the corpse watching the broken TV and proceeded to the next house. A few houses down was also unlocked and I forced myself though once again, blurting thought through phrases such as before, and this time after being ignored I went straight to their phone that seemed to be hung on the wall. No dial tone.




Rule No.23 of zombie survival – Find a safe place and assess the situation, gain insight into your surrounding area. Do not return home as it may have already been compromised. Check the house for bodies and remove them or find another house.


Hysterical now as if the final straw was pulled I ran into a couple of downstairs rooms and as I feared there were bodies everywhere in a couple of the houses he checked over the next few minutes. A wife in the kitchen that had poured hot oil over her as she fell was particularly nasty, a couple of children slouched over IPads and one father that seemed to have been chewed up by his lawnmower. Even after switching on the TV and flicking through a couple of news programmes they all seemed to be slouched over and possibly ‘dead’. Much vomiting proceeded and tears flowed continuously like the Nile; a fucking pathetic sight. I ran to the nearest cupboard in this one house and hid to ‘reassess the situation’.

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