I Awoke | Summary

I Awoke | Summary

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Chapter 1 — The Silent Night

Chapter 2 —¬†Rachel Eddings and Charlie the Pacifist



Charlie is just an average, rather clever but very average young man. He gets up to regular, boring things that any other young man would get up to. One night, everyones worst fear comes true. Unexplained flashes seem to put the world to sleep but the only one left is this strange recluse who tries to hide away in denial from the world that is unfolding in front of him.

What will happen if the normal heroes are not around when people arise from the dead; when survival is less hollywood and more what may actually happen naturalistically, probably very bad things.

This story is still continuing and can take many different directions. If you feel like you would like to see the characters moving in a certain flow then please leave a comment and let me know


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